Data Breach Response

Getting prepared in advance of a data breach is now an essential component of managing business risk

With awareness of data breaches at an all-time high board members and senior leaders are increasingly involved in their organisations data breach readiness planning. Additionally many organisations are now investing time to establish employee privacy and cyber security programmes to raise awareness of the threats and manage increasing risk.

Whilst there is greater awareness and an increasing sense of urgency to prepare for a data breach by organisations, many are still not confident of their ability to secure data and manage the aftermath of a data breach. Those organisations with a response plan in place need to review their plans to ensure they are up to date and indeed ensure they are in a position to successfully respond to individuals affected and governing regulatory bodies.

Experian's Data Breach Response guide provides organisations with a step-by-step review of the key areas for consideration, providing useful insight and tools needed to prepare your organisation. Throughout this guide we also focus on how putting the individuals affected at the 'heart of the response' can support your recovery and manage reputational damage.

We hope you find this guide helpful and this supports your organisation to look to the future with increased confidence to respond, reassure and recover should a data breach incident occur.