Marsh:Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2018


The first industry report of its kind, the Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2018 takes a global look at the major issues that are likely to impact the global maritime industry over the next 10 years.

The Issues Monitor research is based on the responses of senior maritime stakeholders from more than 50 countries - specifically their perceptions on the impact and likelihood of a number of issues potentially affecting the global maritime industry, and their preparedness against them. The report also undertakes deep dives into the emerging trends in digitalisation and decarbonisation.

Our report findings explore:

  • The issues topping the ranking as most severe.
  • The issues that are most likely to occur, alongside the perceived preparedness of the industry and its ability to deal with these issues.
  • The potential for solutions for emerging issues and trends.

For more information on our research findings, download the report.

The Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2018 is published by the Global Maritime Forum, Marsh, and the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI).

Download the Report